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For Heidegger, authenticity is a uniquely temporal structure and a process of unfolding possibility. It is a state of being that is active, congruent, contemplative, dynamic, and teleological--an agency burgeoning with quiescent potentiality (Guignon, 1984, 1993). As such, authenticity is the process of becoming one's possibilities; and by nature it is idiosyncratic and uniquely subjective. Generally we might say that selfhood vacillates between authentic and inauthentic modes, that it tarries with genuine inauthenticity only to find itself genuinely authentic. Selfhood therefore participates in many forms on its acclivity toward the apprehension of its possibilities and ontological priorities that constitute its Being. Perhaps selfhood is beyond this antithetical distinction; it merely is what it is. Perhaps authenticity is beyond the individual; for it ultimately belongs to the ontology that constitutes Being itself.

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